Good Afternoon All

I hope that this finds you all staying healthy and well.  Thank you for your patience during this time of uncertainty.  

Our WC/WCX is scheduled for September 6, 2020.  Please follow the attached link for more information about this event.

We are still uncertain if we will be able to safely hold our Annual Awards Banquet/Picnic.  But we are getting ready so that if we are able to we are ready to go!  Follow the attached link to download your Awards Application.

CVGRC HAS SCHEDULED AN EYE AND HEART CLINIC FOR      October 24, 2020.  Please visit the tab Heart and Eye Clinic to download your registration forms!

Many of you are part of our GRCA National Committee please make sure that you are following Dons emails and continuing to move forward at!

Join us September 13, 2020 for a Golf Outing at Bunker Hill Golf Course.

All Proceeds Support the 2022 GRCA Golden National hosted by CVGRC















Members: Pat and Cheri with Splash and Latte, Robin (Jason) with Indiana Bones and Ozzy Pawzboune. Friends: Michal with Sophie and Emily with Waffles.

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