WC/WCX Sunday – We need some club members to volunteer at the WC/WCX on Sunday September 3. A good test needs gunners (and that is counting 1 person to shoot and throw the bird),  blind planters, 2 bird hangers and 2 marshals to keep it running for the day.  We can also pair people up with an experienced person for a few dogs to get them used to a position. This is great opportunity to see what these dogs were bred to do! Please contact Tara and she will find you a spot! xroadsglds@aol.com or 440-286-5744

CVGRC sponsored Agility Trials

August 10th-11th Agility Trial CAPS.

October 13-14-15 at CAPS CABTC

November 17-18-19 at Pinnacle in Westlake Contact Karen Groth if you are able to help for half a day