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  1. I am interested in your club especially the events – would love to go to some and watch. I am not a breeder, but have a GR who is my adored pet. Do I need to become a member to watch or participate in your events? If I am interested in getting a puppy is this the place to find one?

  2. So sorry your question got overlooked for so long. No you never have to become a member of our club to watch or participate in our events except to vote or do a member activity, that is. And this is an excellent place to find a quality golden !!

  3. We currently have 2 cats and are considering getting a dog. We love the GR but not sure how it will get along with our cats. The reason we never had a dog because we have a busy live with two working parents and a young child. However, we are now down to just one working parent and our child is older so we can dedicate more time for a puppy.

    Are GR good companion for cats? Any recommendation where to find a good breeder in the area. We’re open to adopt a GR as well.

    Thanks much in advance!

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