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  1. I am interested in your club especially the events – would love to go to some and watch. I am not a breeder, but have a GR who is my adored pet. Do I need to become a member to watch or participate in your events? If I am interested in getting a puppy is this the place to find one?

  2. So sorry your question got overlooked for so long. No you never have to become a member of our club to watch or participate in our events except to vote or do a member activity, that is. And this is an excellent place to find a quality golden !!

  3. We currently have 2 cats and are considering getting a dog. We love the GR but not sure how it will get along with our cats. The reason we never had a dog because we have a busy live with two working parents and a young child. However, we are now down to just one working parent and our child is older so we can dedicate more time for a puppy.

    Are GR good companion for cats? Any recommendation where to find a good breeder in the area. We’re open to adopt a GR as well.

    Thanks much in advance!

  4. Hi we are looking for a golden puppy to join are family. Hoping your club could help us to find a reputable breeder. We have had two goldens in the past and are big fans of the breed. We would appreciate any help in our quest. Thank you and have a great weekend. Maureen.

  5. I am interested in getting another GR. Our last Golden died in September. We have had 3 of them, all with there own loving but unique personality. I would like help finding one that would fit our family. We will be retiring in a few years, have three children and 3 grandchildren. I would like to get in contact with a breeder who would fit us with a dog for our age. We have plenty of land for the dog to exercise on but would still like one that is more laid back and chill.

  6. Greetings,
    I have owned a series of One Ash dogs and realize that Elaine Brent has stopped breeding Goldens and has moved. Does anyone have contact information for her?

  7. All I know is she moved with her son. I can try to get her info if u like.

  8. I am unable to locate an address for your club. I was looking at the specialty flyer and there is no location address, where is it being held? Where are the 2021 nationals being held? It would be helpful if an address or even general location other than NE Ohio was note on your home page.

  9. Hello!

    I am currently on the search for a Golden. Preferably an American or Canadian that can be both active and lazy. I am looking to adopt by this march. Any recommendations are welcome! Thanks.

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