Is a Golden Retriever the right Breed for you ?
The following information is intended to help provide most of what you need in that search.
What do you know about Golden Retrievers? Do you currently have one? Do you have friends who own one? Or do you just think the puppies are just SO cute? If you have one, you have a good idea of what to expect…although it may have been many years since you raised a puppy. If you haven’t had one before, it’s a good idea to learn about the breed.
Please understand that reputable breeders are doing their best, but cannot keep up with the current demand. Breeding and raising quality dogs with the right temperament takes time and energy. A puppy mill may have dozens of dogs they use for breeding. A reputable breeder may have 1 or 2 breeding dogs that live in their home, and may have 1 or 2 litters a year. While we understand it can be frustrating when you want a puppy, it’s definitely worth the wait!

Breeders are expected to produce Golden Retrievers to a high standard. They are entitled to respect and courtesy from the people they are trying to please, so try to be on time and honest with them in telling about you and your family and its lifestyles. We wish you luck with your informed search for a quality Golden Retriever puppy.  Responsible breeders will breed only when they have a waiting list of puppy buyers or when they are looking for something in a certain breeding. They do not need to advertise in the newspapers or with a sign out in the front yard. The Golden Retriever Club of America maintains a breeder/puppy referral network for the entire United States.

You should be prepared to spend approximately $ 2000.00 or more for a well-bred puppy.