If you are interested in one of the items below please contact Tara Perby:
Books and/or Leaflets
The Complete Golden Retriever — Gertrude Fischer
A Study of the Golden Retriever — Marcia Schler
The New Golden Retriever — Marcia Schler
The Golden Retriever – All that Glitters– Julie Cairns
Born to Win – Breed to Success — Patricia Craig
The World of the Golden Retriever, A Dog for All Seasons — Nora Kilgore Bauer
The Golden Retriever – Prepared and Distributed by Badger Golden Retriever Club Inc.
Better Goldens — GRC of San Diego County Inc. — (booklet)
An Introduction to the Golden Retriever – GRCA — (booklet)
Tricks of the Trade — Pat Hastings — also see video listing
Whelping of Puppies– Will Judy  (booklet)
Planned Breeding Leaflet — Lloyd C Bracket
Canine Reproduction … A Breeding guide — Hoist, MS. DVM
Retriever Training – Working Certificate — Rutherford, Branstead, Whicker
Retriever Puppy Training — The Right Start for Hunting — Loveland and Rutherford
Training Your Retriever — James Lamb Free
Koehler Method of Dog Training — W R Koehler
The Pearsall Guide to Successful Dog Training — Pearsall
The Complete Utility Obedience Course with Tracking — Blance Saunders
Remembering to Breath , Inside Dog Obedience Competition– Willard Biley
Fund Raising Events – Strategies and Programs/Shows — Grody and Goodman
Speakers Bureau — Morris Animal Foundation
Life with People – AStory by Muffit Bow-Wow (alias Diane Baurman)
The Kennel Muder Case — SS Van Dince
CVGRC Speciality Tapes 1985, 1986, 1988, 1989, 1990, 1991 Breed
CVGRC Speciality Tape 1990 Obedience
Puppy Puzzle — Pat Hastings and books Tricks of the Trade
Dogs are PROBLEM Solvers: Complete Obedience Training — ConnieCleveland Method
Dog Steps — Paige Eliot
The Golden Retriever — GRCA
Dog Care and Training: A Beginners Guide — AKC
To Be The Best — AKC
Tips on Training — AKC
With Courage and Style — AKC
The Quest for Quality Dog Shows — AKC
A day in the Life of a Ring Steward — AKC
Dealing with  Misconduct at Dog Showsand Obedience Trials — AKC
Extraordinary Bond (Obedience) — AKC
Field Testing Your Retriever — AKC
Total Retriever Training with Mike Lardy Basic/Transition/Advances (3)
Golden Retrievers/An Owner’s Companion — Lyn Anderson
Golden Retievers Today — Valerie Foss
Puppy Tapes
In The Ribbons
PRO PLAN puppy Care
Solid Gold Recipes – CVGRC