In celebration of a life lived to the very fullest…
RBIS GCH. Evergreen’s One Part Sand One Part Sea, RA “Salty”
May 28, 2009 – Feb 4, 2023
As I search through the hundreds of photos I have of my goldens I can’t help but smile through the tears. What a great life they lived.
Within minutes of being born I knew he was the one. I knew he would stay with me. I knew he was special. I knew his name would be Salty.
Salty lived his life with a huge smile on his face and the constant wag of his tail. He was my running buddy, my swimming coach and my paddle boarding pal. He gave 100% to every task he was given and was always up for a new adventure!
He was the clown in the family. He was constantly finding ways to make us smile or laugh.
Salty loved being in the show ring. He finished his championship quickly before the age of two. Somehow I knew his enthusiasm would carry over to the rally obedience ring where he earned his RN and RA with multiple first place ribbons.
Beyond all the ribbons the accolades and the adventures it will be the quiet cuddle times I will miss the most. I will miss the mornings when he would jump into bed and bury his face under my chin while his tail thumped against my leg. I will miss the evenings when he would jump on the ottoman and lay between Craig and I so we could both kiss that big sugar face at the same time. I’ll miss the times where I would make eye contact with him as he stretched out on the floor and he would start wagging his tail until I walked over to rub his belly.
I have a theory that each time you kiss a dog a grey hair grows in that spot. Is it any wonder Salty’s face was solid grey?
Salty has joined Gidget, Bling and Reese once again. If love was enough they would have lived forever.
We miss you every day sweet boy…

~Rochelle Andonian