Waking up today our house is missing our Patriarch Golden Cruise. Yesterday we said goodbye to Nathan’s first show dog and his best friend. From the moment that Cruise entered our lives he changed all of us but then there was a boy and his dog! Cruise loved going anywhere that his boy went! He loved camping whether at dog shows or just a family weekend away. When at home he was never very far from Nathan. He went with me to pick Nate up at school or waited to hear the garage open at 2:39 when Nate got home! Cruise loved to play, he always was the instigator with the other dogs. He would purposely shove toys in their faces to get them to wrestle. The only thing Cruise didn’t like were arms, legs and tails on his stuffed animals, he removed them before playing. There are so many things I could say about Cruise but I will stop here. Thank you Diane Shirk Schultz, Lisa Schultz and Alyssa Richards for sharing this wonderful boy with us. We are all missing a large piece of our hearts!!
We love you And miss you Cruise

Steve and Amy Harmon