Kathy Koenig – Crossroad’s Seventh Inning Stretch, CD, BN, SH, RE, MXB, MUB, XF, ADHF, CCA, WCX, VC “Score” New titles: MXS (7/20), MH (9/20), MACH (12/20) Performance Versatility

Kathy Koenig – Crossroad’s Xpensive Hobby, JH, CGC “Cash” New titles: WC (7/20), NA (10/20), NAJ (10/20), OA(12/20)

Tara Perby – MACH Crossroad’s Meadowlark, RE, CDX, MH, MXS, MJC, MFB, T2B, VCX, WCX, CCA “Lark” New title: t2B2 (2/20)

Tara Perby – Xceeds Xpectations, JH, CGC “Minx” New titles: SH (9/20), WC (9/20)

Tara Perby – Crossroad’s Seven Questions, BN, RE, PCDX. SH, WCX, CCA “Quest”  New title: MH (6/20)

Tara Perby – Richwood Works Like A Charm, RE, PCDX, BN, SH, MXS, MJB, XF, WCX, VC, CCA, CGC “Opal” New titles: OD (9/20), VCX (10/20)

Marilyn Richards – CH Gold ’N’Point Skyefire Ryzin, TD, UD, GN, RE, MH, MXB, MJS, MXF, T2B, WCX, DDHF, VCX, CCA “Ryzin” New titles: MACH 6/20, ADHF (6/20), UDX (7/20), SCN (10/20)

Carolyn Durway – Spicewood’s Take Note, JH, WC “Maestro” New title: WCX (9/20)

Karen Bodner – Dauntless One Golden Flash “Flash” New titles: SCN (10/20), BN (11/20)

Joan Durback – High Times Soup of the Day, CDX, MH “Campbell” New title: UD (11/20)

Carol Young – Goldenloch Game Changer “Punch” New titles: JH (6/20), WC (9/20)