Cuyahoga Valley Golden Retriever Club Inc.
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January 2018

Vol XLIII Issue 1

January Reminders
We will be having a Board Meeting on January 17th at 6:00 pm at the Bob Evans Restaurant in Macedonia.  If you are able to attend please RSVP to me so that I can make sure that we have appropriate seating.  This meeting is not only for Board Members but also Committee Chairs. We will be discussing this years Budgets for Events.  If you are unable to attend and would like me to discuss something please email me at

We do not have a January Meeting scheduled due to the fact that we never know what this OHIO weather is going to do next!

Note from the Editor: Greetings club members. My name is Robin Schell and I just wanted to inform you that I will be taking over as editor of the newsletter in 2018. The first thing I would like to do as editor is thank Megan Macintyre for her hard work and dedication to the success of this newsletter in the past.  I look forward to working with you. If you have any questions going forward, please feel free to reach out. Thank you. or visit us online at

December Meeting Minutes

Due to the holidays we did not hold a meeting in December.

Member Column


                                                            by Vonnie Peterson W/Lisa Schultz

How many times have our dogs limped, coughed,  thrown up, or just had a plain off day that we think, “oh, I will see how he/she is tomorrow?”  Because all of these symptoms are rather minor, right? Well yes, usually they are, and,  not to scare you, but my experience may make you think twice!!

Our sweet girl Tobi:) a four year old GOLDEN retriever who was always a healthy, happy, playful girl!  On Monday, December 11, 2017, she had a slight limp in her rear leg, so we thought maybe she played too hard that day and we would watch her to see if she was better in a couple of days.  Well, a few days later and Tobi was no better so we made a vet appointment for Friday, Dec 15. The X-ray showed a shadow in her joint (or possible fluid). That was sent to a Radiologist who said it was arthritis but our vet started her on some antibiotics in case of an infection.  She was doing a little better over the weekend but by Monday, the 18th she was lethargic and didn’t’ eat her dinner. We took her back to the Vet Tues morning the 19th, by then her breathing was a little labored. The X-ray showed her entire lungs filled with fluid!!! No room to breathe!!! (Different Vet) suspected a Fungal infection and stared  treatment right away!! By Thursday Morning Dec 21 our sweet girl was gone!! It was just too far along. In just 10 days what seemed like ordinary ailments had turned into a nightmare ! The Necropsy came back as Blastomycosis….. shortened to the dreaded word BLASTO. NORTHEAST OHIO !! CAN’T BE ?? Think again.

This is a fungal infection that IS around and many vets are just unaware or commonly misdiagnosed and treated improperly.  First mistake is treating with antibiotics as this only makes the infection spread worse! It is the worst thing to do for a dog with Blastomycosis.  Blastomycosis is in the soil and if the dirt is disturbed where spores are present these spores will be on the ground where your dog can inhale them through sniffing or get them in their eye and now the infection grows.  Some dogs can fight this off, some have a harder time. I just recently talked with another Golden owner who described to me : it started with a cough for a couple of days, then he vomited up rust color liquid (another symptom of Blasto). After an x-ray of fluid on the lungs our vet diagnosed him with a lung infection and started him on antibiotics. Unfortunately the vets are unaware of this type of infection being in our area and commonly misdiagnosed it.  Once symptoms present, time and treatment is of the essence! Now I’m not saying we all need to walk on eggshells and jump to the worst case that it is Blastomycosis but being aware that it IS around and knowing what to watch for CAN save your dogs life!! Please research it and learn about it and educate others.

If you have any topics or articles you would like to share, please email them to the Editor at

Mark your calendars

Puppy Match- Sunday, May 6th

Specialty, New Castle, PA- Thurs.-Fri., June 21-22nd

Hunt Test, Hambden- Sat.-Sun., June 9th-10th

Club Agility Trial- Aug. 11-12th

SOG agility – 8/31

WC/WCX- September 2nd

SOG agility – 9/21-23

Agility Trial – October 12th -15th

Welcome New Members! 

Tail wags and warm welcome to Scott and Kim Faulk!

Gentle reminder………..

Renewal for 2018 membership is coming to a close (Jan. 15th).

We sure hope you enjoyed last years news of all the fun and educational programs club members enjoyed.

Many of the pictures from these events have been posted at our club website and Facebook page.

We also did a lot of good unto others! We were able to donate almost $4,000.00 to canine/man non-profit organizations.

Membership is only $15.00/person or $25.00/family, this year, making membership even more affordable.

I have attached a membership renewal form for ease in your getting reconnected with us.

Hope to see you in the new year!

Cheri Goggin Membership Chair