Oct 23, 2017               Meeting at: Rookery
Attendance  Rosemary Janoch, John Janoch, Tara Perby, Kathy Koenig, Megan Sapsford, Joan Sapsford, Pat Flanagan, Sarah Stevenson, Vicki White, Jan Furtwangler, Marilyn Richards, Beckie Jordan, Sue Sanvido, Karen Laber, Laurie Zahar, Deb Stamm, Pat Goggin, Vonnie Peterson, Cheri Goggin, Amy Harmon & Steve Harmon
Guests:  Rick & Ann Bingham, Mike Zahar, Mike Kapcoe, Sue Kapcoe & Katie Kapcoe and Nathan Harmon
Officers:                                                                                                                                    President: (Cheri)   Kathy has resigned from the office of treasury (September 17, 2017) and the board has approved Pat Goggin to step in as interim treasurer. Pat was asked and shared a bit about himself? Pat will be running for this office for 2018. 
Vice President: (Marilyn) – No Report, Corresponding Secretary: (Tara) No Report
Recording Secretary:  (Amy) No Report,
Committee Reports:                                                                                                     GRCA Correspondent: (Vonnie Peterson) no report
Field:  (Tara Perby) – Carol Young is currently working on selecting judges for the Hunt Test.  Every year the GRCA does a field issue Nov/Dec.  We have approved that CVGRC will be putting an ad in this year.
SOG: (Amy) We are working to finalize OSAR and WAGS.  We will get a check to Beckie Jordan to present to OSAR.  Beckie will get a picture of them acceping this.  Beckie ordered a grooming table for WAGS.  We will get that delivered and get items purchased for the grooming area. 
Sunshine: Marilyn – 3 members received Sunshine Cards
Membership:  (Amy Harmon) – Tonight we voted into Membership Mike, Sue & Katie Kapcoe, Gary & Sharon Hack, Bobbie Dulaney, Colleen Broomfield and Scott & Kim Faulk!  Welcome ALL! 
Old business                                                                                                                       Slate of Officers 2018: The nomination committee’s slate of officers for 2018:
President: Steve Harmon                                                                                                                Vice President: Beckie Gang-Jordan                                                                                          Treasurer: Pat Goggin                                                                                                          Corresponding Secretary: Tara Perby                                                                               Recording Secretary: Amy Harmon
Board Members: Vonnie Peterson, Kathy Koenig, Donna Edwards, Joan Sapford
Vonnie made a nomination from the floor to have Pat Goggin fill the treasurer position on the November ballot.  Steve seconded this.  All were in favor.