CVGRC Membership/Board Meeting

October 24, 2016 at The Home of the Goggins

Attendance: Beckie Jordan, Marilyn Richards, Tara Perby, Joan & Megan Sapsford, Steve & Amy Harmon, Cheri Goggin, Vonnie Peterson, Diane Schultz, Jay & Robin Schell, Donna Edwards, Karen Laber, Vicki White, Pat Flanagan, Jan Furtwangler, Kathy Koenig, and Kathy Sutliff

Guests: Bob Hawk

Prospective Members: Holly Johnson, Amy Benson and Sarah Stevenson

Call to Order: 7:40pm

Presidents Report:

  • If you see a mistake that has been made in the newsletter or our emails please let us know.
  • Audit Review – The audit has been completed and we will be making some changes in 2017. Please be patient as we try and implement these changes to make us more fiscally fit!

Vice President – We will be supporting all three days of the Rubber City Shows in January. Beckie has leashes that will be used.

Recording Secretary: Amy will make a change to the September Meeting Minutes to show that Kathy Koenig was in attendance. I apologize that I missed you Kathy. Please if you see that I have missed something in the minutes please email me so that I can make the correction!

Treasurers Report – We will be implementing quarterly income/expense reports. Please make club purchases on their own reciepts, do not mix personal and club expenses.

Sunshine: 4 cards were send out for the loss of pets and Dr. Greenfield lost his father.

Banquet –The date for the Banquet will be February 24, 2017.

Awards: Tara will be getting the Awards Application out and it will be posted to the website.

GRCA Correspondent: No Current Report

Old Business:

Field Ad Update: from Christy Thomas

All materials have been sent to Sylvia for the Hunt Ad

WC/WCX – No Current report

New Business:

  • Thank you to the Nominating Committee who was made up of Chair: Steve Harmon, and members Vonnie Peterson and Diane Schultz for their willingness to pull together the slate of officers for 2017. The following slate was submitted:

Slate of 2017 CVGRC Officers:

President: Cheri Goggin

V.P. Marilyn Richards

Treasurer: Kathy Sutliff

Corresponding Sec: Tara Perby

Recording Sec: Amy Harmon

Board Positions: (2 of the 4 listed below will be selected)

Vonnie Peterson

Pat Flanangan

Diane Schultz

Kathy Koenig

Nominations were taken from the floor as follows:

Pat Flanagan: President

Vicki White: VP

Board Position: Jan Furtwangler

If you are running for a position on the 2017 Board please submit a Biography 300 words or less to Megan MacIntyre so that it can be placed in the newsletter.


Tonight we voted into our Membership Holly Johnson & Amy Benson. WELCOME to both of you!


Upcoming Events:

November 28th– Pictures with Santa at the Rookery. Please bring your favorite Christmas Cookies to share! We will have some fall/pre winter fun and games!


Meeting Adjourned: 8:29


Respectfully submitted by Amy Harmon