July Meeting Minutes
July 24, 2017 CVGRC Meeting Ohio Search and Recovery at the home of Beckie Jordan Attendance: Vonnie, Karen Laber, Julie Rubenstein, Marie Albano, Jack Albano, Jan Furtwangler, Sue Sanvido, Joan Sapsford, Megan Sapsford, Vicki White, Diane Schultz, Amy and Steve, Marilyn, and Beckie.
Guests: Chuck Sapsford, Mike Kapcoe, Sue Kapcoe, Katie Kapcoe, Bobbie Dulaney and Colleen Broomfield
President’s Report (Marilyn): Kathy, Pat and Diane S. got together on Monday, May 15, 2017 to continue the Audit that was started by Dave Richards last year. The audit in now complete, and a review of the audit by the Board was done on Thursday, July 20, 2017 at the home of Cheri and Pat Goggin. The June Agility Trial went very well! Club members liked their shirts, lunch monies and comradery. We had lots of folk’s work each day and many of the new and interested members came out to help too! Please contact Cheri of you are interested in working the August trial (12th & 13th). We are short workers.
Treasurer’s Report: The Board has had time to review the treasurer’s report and it has been approved as written.
Recording Secretary: Amy has a Sign up Sheet for August Agility Trial.
GRCA Correspondent: Vonnie asked Megan Sapsford to write the most recent article about turning a challenging dog into an Agility Dog. If you would like to be a guest columnist please contact Vonnie.
Spirit of Giving: As WAGS for Warriors was our second quarter SOG recipient we raised over $1500.00 for their grooming room. Amy will be contacting Jen at WAGs to get a meeting set up. We are now working towards our Third Quarter recipient Ohio Search and Recovery. We will be having a raffle at the August Agility Trial. If you would like to donate a basket or any items please contact Amy or Cheri. Aharmon0508@sbcglobal.net or pgoggin935@aol.com
Membership: We have new guests this evening. The Kapcoes introduced themselves. We voted in Laurie Zahar and Kristina Bailey. Welcome!
New Business: The Board met on July 20th at the home of the Goggins for a review of the
audit. The following additional topics were brought up and discussed and the following recommendations were made:
1) We have been asked if we want to once again support GRIN at their upcoming Gala. After discussion, the Board came to the following recommendation – To send them $500.00 to be put into the Tara Marie fund for dogs with severe medical need. Steve made a motion, Karen Laber seconded, ALL were in favor
2) Cheri mentioned that we received a request to sign up for our 2018 Agility dates. As June is such a busy month for us, the Board recommended asking CABTC if there was a possibility of us moving our date with them maybe to July. Cheri has put this request in to them and is waiting for a response.
3) The Board voted to support our 4th quarter SOG recipient CCI in September. Cheri will coordinate this event. It will be held on the Medina Square and will replace our normal meeting, as many of our members will be at the National when this meeting would normally occur. We felt that we could match up to $10.00 for any of our members who want to form a club team or join their walk.
Heart Clinic: Dr. Hamlin listened to 69 hearts at the Madison Show Heart Clinic on July 15th. 49 were scheduled & 20 were walk-ins. We made a profit of $793.19