January 25, 2016 at Simon’s Deli

Board Meeting

Attendance: Donna Edwards, Beckie Gang-Jordan, Jan Furtwangler, Vickie White, Carol Young, Cheri Goggin, Lisa Trombo, Amy Harmon and Steve Harmon

Future Programs and Meetings:

February – Our Banquet is currently scheduled; this may change due to a venue change.

March – Golden Auction, Wine and Cheese Gathering

April –

May – Puppy Match

June –

July – Search & Rescue Demonstration at Beckies (Thanks Beckie for volunteering to host this!)


Membership: Megan designed cards to encourage new membership. Cheri passed around a sample of these cards. The Board approved the printing of 250 cards for approximately $48.00. Cheri will bring them to all upcoming events for members to place in venues around where they live (vets offices, tractor supply stores, even pet food stores. Beckie is going to order two-dozen “I’d rather be Holdin a Golden” Bags for new members. A motion was made to allow Amy to purchase printer ink as we are trying to better keep track of information being passed around. All were in favor.


Facebook Page: We have been doing regular facebook postings since September in order to try and attract new membership. Cheri shared with the group some of the activity on the site.


Website Update: Rhonda noticed that the search engines are not bringing up CVGRC as quickly as we might like in order to attract new membership or puppy buyers. Amy will be working with our web master to see what we can do to improve this.


Agility: Lisa Trombo came to tonight’s meeting to explain in further detail what CAB is proposing for the 2016 contracts. They are proposing a change in the payment method as the number of entries has decreased. For the trial that takes place at the end of May/beginning of June CVGRC needs to have 6 committee members for the 2015 May Trial Lisa and Rosemary were the only two members onsite at the trial and the AKC Representative was there all 3 days) there from 7 am until closing each of the 3 days. The new contract would pay CVGRC $1.15/run for a maximum $750.00 per day. For the 2015 May Trial Lisa and Rosemary were the only two members onsite at the trial and the AKC Representative was there all 3 days.

For the August Trial CVGRC was again required to have 6 Committee Members onsite from 7 am to closing, plus supply ½ of the workers for the 3 days and CVGRC and CAB split the profits 50/50.

For the August Trial CAB is proposing that CVGRC run completely ½ of the soccer complex including setting the course each day and providing the committee members and workers to run the course. As a Board we feel that we need more information to better understand and additional details before we make a final decision. Lisa will contact Cheri and Vicki in the next week to set up a meeting with CAB Agility Committee Members.


Memorial Page: CVGRC has lost several members this past year. Rochelle Andonian will be designing/creating a Memorial Page for the GRCA magazine honoring these members. We would like to have nice photos submitted of these members (Nancy Lanigan, Nancy Fullington, Ned Schabel and Fran Childrey). We will also be honoring Jeanne Kestner with above members. Rochelle will wait two weeks for folks to find and get photos off to her. Lisa Trombo and Carol Young said they would see what they could do to help find photos.

General Membership Meeting

Attendance: Jack & Marie Albano, John & Rosemary Janoch, Joan Sapsford, Vonnie Peterson, Karen Bodner, Diane Schultz, Deb Stamm,

Guests & Member Prospects: Wally & Katy Henricks – 1st general meeting towards membership, Holly Johnson turned in a Membership Application and Chuck Sapsford has joined us this evening as a guest with his wife Joan.

Meeting called to Order at 7:10 pm

President’s Report: Welcomed everyone who came out this evening. All Committee Chairs have been contacted and all are going to stay on. Thank you to all of you! Each of the Committee Chairs were asked to write up a brief synopsis of what they do, just in case anyone might want to step up in the future and hold one of these positions. These will be assembled into binders.

Treasurer’s Report: Kathy provided the board a breakdown of our expenses and income for our major club events (for 2015). This information is hoped to help our decision making for 2016. No account/CD balances were provided at this time.

Corresponding Secretary (Tara): We are working to clarify some of the info that we received from AKC regarding our upcoming June agility trial. They needed updated officer contact information. Tara has taken care of this! Thank you Tara

Recording Secretary: Cheri made a motion to allow Amy to purchase ink for her at home printing of materials that we need to keep on file. Beckie seconded it. All were in favor

Newsletter: Meg MacIntyre has taken over this position. She has posted her contact information in the newsletter. Please send all of your “Brags” and Committee heads (anything you need posted) reports to her by the 15th of each month. She wants to try and get the newsletters out the 3rd Monday of each month before each of our meetings. There are some folks that still would like their newsletter in paper format. This costs the club approximately $1.00 each to print and an additional $.49+ to mail.. We will mail these out to those who have requested this option.


Committee Reports:

Publicity: (Donna Ernst) We lost some very special club members this year. Rochelle Andonian will work to place an ad in the GRCA magazine for us to honor these members. If anyone had good quality photos of these members please get them to Rochelle as soon as possible as she will be moving forward with this work, in the next few days. These folks will also be honored at our Summer Specialty.

Puppy Referral: (Rhonda Hovan) Amy is working on updating info received from Rhonda. Thanks Rhonda for your submission!

Membership: (Amy Harmon) Amy is working on updating our current membership roster from the information that she has received on our Membership Renewal Forms. We would like to welcome Karen Bodner to our official Membership. Karen was voted on at our January meeting. Wally & Katy Hennricks now have 1 General Membership meeting towards their requirements. Welcome Holly Johnson who turned in her application for membership this evening!

Specialty Report: (Pat Flanagan) The Board approved some class fee changes for our Summer Specialty. It is felt that the slight reduction in a few fees will draw a greater entry for us in these areas. Great idea Pat!

GRCA Correspondent: (Vonnie Peterson) Vonnie shared with us a bit about her position as the GRCA Correspondent. She will get to Meg copies of what she submits for publication in our newsletter. Vonnie turns in a column bi-monthly. January/February, March/April, May/June, July/August, September/October, November/December.

Awards: (Tara Perby & Kathy Sutliff) The deadline for awards applications was 1/22. Tara and Kathy do a nice job on these. Amy will be putting together this years Banquet. It will be a good time. We hope to see everyone at this event!!!! Amy requested $200.00 for Door Prizes for this Event. It has come to our attention that the Banquet is costing $32.50-$35.00/person and we are only charging the Members and their guests $20.00/person. So CVGRC is picking up approx $15.00 per person for this event. There was much discussion regarding this and Steve made a motion to change the cost per member and guest to $25.00 per person. Vicki seconded this, all were in favor. The location was also discussed and Amy is going to look into new venues and try to find a better price/person. Jack A. and Karen B. volunteered to contact venues they know and see what their prices would be. We will TRY and keep the same date but if we can find somewhere more cost efficient we will change the date. All were in agreement.

Ways and Means: (Beckie Gang) Beckie will order new “Rather Be Holdin a Golden” bags for Amy to pass out to new membership.

Supported Entries: (Vicki White) We will no longer be providing towels for these events, but will continue to provide leashes. Amy will submit samples of possible embroidery on these leashes for consideration. CVGRC made $326.00 from Rubber City Kennel Club for supporting their entries.

Hospitality: (Steve Harmon) The Board approved a “Wine/Cheese” Event for members joining us for the “’Golden Auction” at Simon’s. Bring your “Golden Goodies” to auction and a few dollars to purchase your bidding bones! Steve will coordinate our Hospitality for this event.

Field: (Tara Perby) Tara is confirming who the test committee is. Marilyn is talking to a new member who has volunteered to help out as co chair. Carol, Christy, Vonnie and Tara are finishing a list of potential judges for the event. The dates are posted in the newsletter (June 11th – 12th) at Buckeye Training grounds in Hambden. The WC/WCX will be Sunday September 4th.

Puppy Match: (Kathy Koenig) the Puppy Match is scheduled for Sunday, May 1st at the North Chagrin Old River Farm. The reservation and payment for this location has been made. Kathy is now working on securing judges and volunteers.

Old Business: Cheri contacted Sharon Z and she has forwarded all of the 2014 and what she had of 2015 newsletters to us. They have been forwarded to Amy Harmon (recording secretary) and Megan MacIntyre (newsletter chair) for keeping. Meg has begun to keep paper copies of monthly newsletters. These can be sent out to folks as requested, and these will also help us in archiving our meeting minutes.

New Business:

Annual Awards: If you are the recipient of a perpetual trophy please make arrangements to get them back to Kathy Sutliff ASAP!

Carol Young brought to the club information about the Master Amateur Retriever Club (MARC). This is a new national club dedicated to the amateur handler. Carol has requested that we join this club when they become AKC sanctioned. Carol made a motion to pay $75.00 for a MARC membership when they become AKC Sanctioned, Vicki seconded it. All were in favor