Meeting Notes from CVGRC Awards Banquet

February 27, 2015

Attendance: Ned & Andrene Schabel, Judy Drotar, Kathy Sutliff, Karen Laber, John & Rosemary Janoch, Dianne Ross, Vicki White, Christy Thomas, Carol Young, Dan & Sheryl Loreta, Jack & Marie Albano, Carolyn Durway, Karen Phillips, Vonnie Peterson, Marilyn Richards, Tara Perby, Kathy Koenig, Pat Lauria, Cheri Goggin, Megan MacIntyre, Deb Stamm, Steve & Amy Harmon

Guests: Stef Watts

Presidents Report: Thank you all for coming out this evening to celebrate those who have worked hard to add titles to your k9 companions.

Upcoming Meetings and Events:

In trying to increase and encourage meeting attendance we are switching up the meeting day of the week to see which one might work best for the most club members. Please bear with us during this process as it is strictly on a trial basis.

March meeting will be the Golden Auction. Thursday March 26th at 7:30 pm. It will be at the home of Steve & Amy Harmon. If you need directions please email Steve or Amy at or

April meeting is a Board meeting.

Puppy Match: Will be held at Old River Farm Park again this year on Sunday, May 3rd. Kathy is going to get a flyer and directions to Amy to post on the CVGRC website.

Hunt Test: June 7th & 8th at Hambden

There are still a few spaces available for the Back to Basics Grooming Seminar that will benefit the 2015 Specialty in Cincinnati. Contact Vicki White if you are interested.

2015 Summer Specialty: There will be a Silent Auction held in memory of Nancy Fullington, as the items that are being auctioned were donated by her family.

The Summer Specialty will be dedicated in memory of Nancy Fullington, Nancy Lanigan and Cheyenne Shaffer, all three made a difference in CVGRC in their own ways.


Vicki made a motion to do full page memorials in GRCA for both Nancy Lanigan and Nancy Fullington. Ned seconded this motion and all were in favor. Amy will contact Rochelle Andonian and ask her if she will design these pages.

There will be a Heart Clinic at the Madison Shows in July. CVGRC is doing supported entries for all 3 days at this show.