April 24th, 2017 General Membership Meeting at: Beckie Gang-Jordan’s home @7pm. Grooming Demonstration
Attendance – Amy Harmon, Karen Bodner, Marilyn Richards, Karen Laber, Donna Edwards, Sue Sanvido, Kathy Sutliff, Vicki White, Tara Perby, Pat Flanagan, Kathy Koenig, Cheri Goggin, Amy Benson, Beckie Jordan, Julie Rubenstein, Vonnie Peterson, Megan Sapsford, annd Joan Sapsford
Guests:  Ann & Rick Bingham, Sherry Vitone, Laurie Zahar, Bobbie Dulaney, Colleen Broomfield and Joshua O’Neal
President: (Cheri)
Old business

1) Please make sure to get to Kathy Sutliff the names of your beloved dogs that passed in 2016, so that their names/yours can be put in the Summer Specialty Program honoring these dogs/owners teams! Kathy needs this info. by May 1st so that she can get it to Pat F, in time to be published. Kathy with mail the check to the Golden Retriever Foundation once all names have been received so that she can submit those also.

Vice President: (Marilyn) Mailed out 10 cards to members for Sunshine
Treasurer’s Report: (Kathy) –The board has received this months report and had a chance to comment/clarify with Kathy. Marilyn made a motion to accept the treasurer’s report as published and Pat Flanagan seconded it. All were in favor.
Corresponding Secretary: (Tara) The current Membership Roster has been submitted to AKC
Recording Secretary: (Amy) There is a correction to the March Minutes that it was voted on not to Bond our Treasurer at the current time. Kathy asked us to examine the mins. From the March meeting regarding bonding. It was Dave’s recommendation that if we continue with the practices he had suggested, then he felt we would not need to further consider having our treasury folks bonded. It was approved to drop bonding, at this time, as long as we continue to implement his ideas. The ideas implementation allow us to consider dropping bonding.
Pat Flanigan shared with the group that she believes that bonding to all orgs., is very important as it does not take long for an individual to remove funds from a group and that term limits for one holding an office may not help this. Tara felt that the bonding agencies shared that they cover employees and as our folks are volunteers this would be a problem. Cheri clarified that the agency she was in touch with WAS aware that our club members were volunteers NOT employees.
Committee Reports:
GRCA Correspondent: (Vonnie Peterson) It would be great if members have something they would like to write about to submit it to Vonnie. It was suggested to maybe write something about “How you chose your Kennel Name”
Puppy Match: (Kathy Koenig) Sunday, May 7th at North Chagrin Reservation (same location as last year) There is a map on the CVGRC website. Please remember to bring a dish to share.
Field: (Tara Perby) WC/WCX still working on getting judges
Hunt Test JUNE (Carol) – Need workers! Please contact Carol Young or Tara Perby if you are able to work!
Heart Clinic JULY (Vicki) All set for July 15th at the Madison Dog Shows.
Supported Entries: (Vicki White/Donna Edwards) We will be supporting Madison Shows with Leashes in exchange for publicizing our Heart Clinic and use of the site,
Ways and Means: (Beckie Gang-Jordan) We are working on t-shirts etc… for the upcoming events
Specialty Report: JUNE (Pat Flanagan) Will be ordering 6ft leads. Pat will contact the food vendor to make sure we are all set, and she has been in contact with another general vendor to set up at the show.
Agility JUNE (Cheri)- We have a committee together and presented to CABTC and workers signed up! We have a few ½ day workers and would be thrilled to have a couple more, so that the day is not so long for folks who are not showing but simply there to help us out! Let Cheri know if you are interested!
SOG: (Amy) Lake County Humane Society Donation receipts have been turned into Kathy along with the donation form that they provided us. I received a letter from WAGS 4 Warriors thanking us for the food donation after the March Meeting. IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN PROVIDING A RAFFLE BASKET OR ITEMS FOR A RAFFLE BASKET FOR OUR JUNE AGILITY PLEASE CONTACT Cheri at pgoggin935@aol.com or Amy Harmon at aharmon0508@sbcglobal.net as soon as possible!!!
WAGS Grooming room report (Pat) An anonymous donor has donated a bath tub for the grooming room and another anonymous individual has volunteered to do the electrical work if needed. We also have 1 blow dryer being donated. Pat shared her vision for the room.
Membership: (Amy Harmon) Welcome to all of our guests tonight (see above). If you know any of these folks, please reach out to them to help them feel included.
New business
1 Kathy – Kathy Has not received any information about our cd’s rolling over yet. When she does she will let us know.

2 Cheri – was contacted by a member asking us to consider if we would once again be willing to consider paying for having a hotel room/s available (for sharing between multiple members) at multi day events, if folks were working multiple days in a row. We have done this in the past and are in a good financial position to again consider doing this to encourage membership participation and comradery. The board, officers and Committee chairs were sent a note on Tuesday evening outlining our club financial status and also the following profit/loss prospectus when considering this request. This same profit/loss statement was attached to the evenings agenda. Pat Flanagan made a motion to not pay for hotel rooms and Tara Perby seconded it. Not all were in favor