November 27, 2017               Meeting at: WAGS 4 Warriors

Attendance  Cheri and Pat Goggin
Diane and Lisa Schultz
Rick and Ann Bingham
John and Rosemary Janoch            Marilyn Richards
Karen Phillips                 Laurie Zahar          Amy Gutmann
Joan SAPSFPRD             Megan Sapsford         Amy HARMON

Steve Harmon                 Deb Stamm              Gary and Sharon Hack

 Guests:  Joe Vencil, Nathan Harmon & Wendy Crann


President: (Cheri) –  

Vice President: (Marilyn) – No Report

Treasurer’s Report: (Pat) – A new checking account has been opened for CVGRC.  We will need to drop Cheri off of the account and add our incoming President Steve Harmon.  Pat will provide the Board a Financial Report one week prior to meetings.

Karen made a motion to add Vonnie Peterson to the checking account immediately and remove Cheri Goggin,  Steve Harmon will also be added to the account as incoming President.  Rosemary seconded this motion, all were in favor.

Corresponding Secretary: (Tara) The club will have a page in the Field GRCA News.  I have paid for that and the layout is being done by Anney Doucette.  Members that wanted to be included were instructed to send pictures to Anney.

Recording Secretary (Amy) No Report

Committee Reports:

GRCA Correspondent: (Vonnie Peterson) 

Field:  (Tara Perby) – Carol Young has confirmed the panel of judges and I have our event scheduled on Entry Express.

SOG: (Amy)   The Grooming Table and Blow Dryer has been delivered to WAGS for Warriors.  They are currently working on the electrical and we will be gathering the rest of the items for their grooming room.

We welcome Wendy Crann this evening from WAGS 4 Kids who will be one of our Spirit of Giving Recipients for 2018.

If you have a dog/human charity that you would like us to support in 2018 please send Amy and email at

Sunshine: Marilyn

Membership:  (Amy Harmon) – Cheri Goggin will be taking over as Membership Chair as Amy has a lot going on.  Back in January of 2017 it was voted on that members who have been with CVGRC for 25 years will become Lifetime Members and no longer be required to pay dues.  We will also have a family membership that is $20.00.

Old business

Slate of Officers 2018:

President: Steve Harmon

Vice President: Beckie Gang-Jordan

Treasurer: Pat Goggin

Corresponding Secretary: Tara Perby

Recording Secretary: Amy Harmon

Board Members: Vonnie Peterson, Kathy Koenig, Donna Edwards, Joan Sapford

Marilyn made a motion that we vote in the slate of officers as written and read,  Rosemary seconded this motion……All were in favor

New business                   Respectfully submitted by Amy Harmon