March Meeting Minutes

March 27, 2017 General Membership Meeting @ WAGS 4 Warriors

Meeting began at 7:15 allowing time for members to reach this new location, socialize a bit, and get snacks. Thanks all who brought out snacks to share!!! We have not done this for some while and the spread was beautiful!

Attendance:  Steve Harmon, Julie Rubenstein, Diane Schultz, Beckie Jordan, Robin Schell, Jay Schell, Vonnie Peterson, Cheri Goggin, Karen Phillips, Amy Harmon, Marilyn Richards, Tara Perby, Kathy Koenig, Sheryl Loreta, Dan Loreta, Megan Sapsford, Joan Sapsford, Kathy Sutliff, Vicki White, Pat Flanagan, Sarah Stevenson, Karen Laber, Karen Bodner and Amy Harmon

Guests:  Pat Goggin and Chuck Sapsford, WELCOME!!!

Recording Secretary:  Corrections to the Februay 2017 minutes, Membership Update:  Pat Goggin made application on 1/19/17 (membership application and fee received), he attended the 1/19 board meeting, 1/23 Membership Meeting, 2/23 Board Meeting, 2/24 Membership Meeting, the 2/24 banquet and 3/12 Toy and Treat Party. 

From 2/23 Board Meeting Minutes Kathy S (Not Kathy K) made the motion to donate $500.00 to Golden Retriever Foundation to honor members who lost dogs in 2016….

Pat Flanagan made a motion to accept the minutes with corrections, Steve seconded, All were in favor.

Members were reminded to please sign in

Presidents Report:

1)     Bonding-Kathy and Cheri looked into the bonding process and were able to get a company who is willing to write us a policy. Cheri was quoted a fee of approximately $300-$500 (subsidiary of Philadelphia Ins) to cover Tom/Kathy/Tara. This was tabled at the Feb. board meeting to be reopened here at the March meeting. *Cheri reviewed with all a review of Daves’ recommendations and those in attendance voted to follow those recommendations. We will not move forward with bonding at this time.(correction from may 2017 minutes on this says we voted to NOT go with bonding)

 2)     Kathy S. made a motion to honor all of our members’ dogs that were lost last year in the amount of $500.00 to The Golden Retriever Foundation for Cancer. This will be something we will do each year and names of members dogs will be posted in the specialty catalog. Vonnie seconded the motion. All were in  favor. Kathy will send out the check for $500.00.  Kathy S. has agreed to gather all of the names of those members who lost a dog in 2016 and prepare an ad for the Summer Specialty. She will get this information to Pat Flanigan who will make sure it gets to Rhonda in time for publication.

Vice President: (Marilyn)- Nothing to report

Treasurer’s Report:  A financial statement has been sent to all board members, this past week for our review. We have all had a chance to look it over and ask questions.   Kathy gave the current amount that is in the checking account.  Pat Flanagan made a motion to accept this report, Vonnie seconded it, All were in favor. 

Corresponding Secretary:   Membership roster has been/will be turned over to AKC.  Tara received a Premium for a Tracking Test.  She will send Megan the information so that it can be put in the newsletter for anyone who is interested.

 Committee Reports

Banquet:  All receipts have been turned in.  There was a loss of $1149.67. Cheri shared that this function has always been put on with a loss (confirmed by Kathy S) and it was decided to table further discussion regarding this loss, to another meeting.

SOG:  Robin& Amy will be delivering the donations to the Lake County Humane Society on Friday or Saturday this week.  It was voted on at the Banquet to donate the club portion of the 50/50 raffle to purchase items for this organization, and the winner of our 50/50 (Vonnie) donated a portion of her winnings towards this cause.  $117.00 will be spent on items on the Shelters “Items needed list”.

We are getting ready to start our second quarter SOG which is WAGS 4 Warriors!!!!  We are selling embroidered t-shirts in which $3.00 from each shirt will go to WAGS.  We will also be holding a raffle at our Agility Trial June 2, 3 and 4 to help raise monies for this organization.

GRCA Correspondent:  Vonnie submitted an article about the members that have passed away.  A copy of this article was in our March Newsletter.  If you have something you would like to contribute please talk to Vonnie!

Field:  Hunt Test June 10 & 11.  Everything is set up, Carol will be working to find volunteers.

Puppy Match:   Sunday, May 7th at Old River Farm, North Chagrin (same location as the past few years).  Rochelle is unable to judge so Lauren Mitchell will be judging.  Please bring a dish to share.

Publicity:  Tara passed around her copy of GRCA with the ad that Christy Thomas did in the Hunt Addition.

Ways and Means:  We are working to get items ready for upcoming events

Specialty Report:  Pat discussed what the awards will be for this years Specialty.  There will be a Party at the Saloon on Thursday after showing.

Supported Entries: CVGRC did support entry at the Jan 7th/8th Tallmadge shows. We received a check from Tallmadge for $202.00 for the January shows.  We will be supporting Madison Shows in July in exchange for publicity for the Heart Clinic and the Shelter. Vickie will again chair the heart clinic this for us. Thanks Vicki!

Membership:  Tonight we voted in Pat Goggin.

Apryl St John submitted an application for Membership

 Old business

1)   Kathy – Was asked about her proposal to create a trophy for Ned. NO update was given at this time. She was asked to give the membership/board more details regarding this trophy (who can win it, criteria to win it, when it will be passed out, etc) so that we could make sure that this trophy represented the club and its members appropriately.

 2)    Bylaws – Everyone received a copy of the suggestions for the By-laws.  Subsequently we received some input from Pat Flanigan that the board felt we should consider (and possibly amended our recommendations) prior to voting through our proposals. Steve made a motion to table discussion until the next Board Meeting to discuss these further. Julie R seconded it, ALL were in favor.

New business

1)   Kathy – Had been asked to consider when our CD’s roll and determine if she felt she would have enough funds to carry us through June (a very heavy month of monies in/out). At this time, she has not received notice regarding the roll overs.

2)   (Cheri) AKC Compliance- Cheri shared with the group information about our club’s need to annually meet our AKC compliance requirements and also shared how she felt we will meet our requirements (and then some) this year. She also shared that these events create the need for members to be active in the group, helping to meet these requirements.

The meeting adjourned and all were given a tour of the WAGS facility.     

*Indicates there were handouts at this meeting for all to review,