Board Meeting Minutes
July 20, 2017
Board Meeting at The Home of Cheri & Pat Goggin
Attendance: Vonnie Peterson, Kathy Koenig, Tara Perby, Kathy Sutliff, Marilyn Richards, Beckie Jordan, Cheri Goggin, Pat Goggin, Amy Harmon, and Steve Harmon
Rental Of WAGS Buiding & WAGS Grooming Room: Amy contacted WAGS and they are out of the office until July 23, 2017. She will speak with them when they are back in the office.
GRIN Gala: There was a motion made to support GRIN Gala by Kathy Koenig to donate $500.00 to the Tara Marie Fund (Maria Zoul). Tara Perby seconded this motion and all were in favor.
Ad for National Catalog: There was an ad submitted for the National Catalog by Donna
Ernst. This was sent out to the Board and approved to pay $150.00.
Care and Concern – Amy showed the jacket and design that will be sent to Julie Corral instead of flowers.
Canine Companions for Independence: Dog Fest Walk 9/24. Tara made a motion that we support CCI at the Dog Fest Walk by Matching up to $10.00 per Member Walking.
Tara added to the motion that our September Meeting will be 9/24 at the CCI Dog Fest
Walk. Marilyn seconded both motions and all were in favor.
August Agility Trial: Workers Needed, Cheri will contact CABTC to see about switching the June Agility Trial dates. If anyone would like to donate for the Raffle to raise money for OSAR please contact Cheri or Amy.
Supported Entry: There was a bit of miscommunication with Grand River and we were short two leads. Vicki will be reimbursed for purchasing what was needed.
Specialty: Rhonda Toran did not put the recognition for those who lost dogs in 2016 in the Specialty Catalog. Megan MacIntyre, Carolyn Durway and Kaitlyn MacIntyre are the only ones who had submitted information for this. Kathy will be making the donation to the Golden Retriever Foundation.
The finances for the Specialty have not yet been finalized.
Please make sure that next year Rhonda puts in the catalog what days Pittsburg/CVGRC have their Raffle.
Audit Review:
Vonnie made a motion to accept invoices that are emailed. Cheri seconded, all were in favor.