January Meeting Minutes
January 17, 2018
Board Meeting at Bob Evans, Macedonia
Attendance: Beckie Jordan, Donna Edwards, Joan Sapsford, Steve Harmon, Amy Harmon and Pat Goggin
We need to work on the constitution and bylaws! This is very important. It is very difficult to get a
membership list distributed when dues are not coming in on time!
Judges Contracts: When choosing judges for events we need to be very careful about how judges
contracts are written. We have had a few instances where judges were chosen and then they travel
from a different location and CVGRC ends up paying a great deal more.
Banquet: $1500.00
Puppy Match: $300.00
Hunt Test: $9,000.00
Puppy Match: Joan & Cheri have secured the location.
Do we want to do a Fast Cat at the Dock Diving location?
Spirit of Giving has picked up August 3
, and September 28-30 with Helen. We will be making $750/day
at these events. SOG will provide the Committee.
Respectfully Submitted by: Amy Harmon……..Tara Perby added the text below to these minutes …….
Field- The Hunt Test committee has a meeting scheduled to go over plans to contact workers.  We have all our judges finalized. We will also discuss handling of expenses this year.
 The May 11,12 &13, 2018 agility trial at Countryside in Erie, Pa is not on the website calendar.  I am looking for 1 more committee member. I have 4 members for all 3 days.  I am contacting folks on the volunteer list to see if we can find 1 person each day.
 I have offered previously to take on the Historian role.  I have all the archived documents from Nancy Lanigan.  Feel free to assign me that position.