March Meeting Minutes
CVGRC Program Meeting
March 26, 2018 @ Simon’s Deli
Call to Order: 7:05pm
Attendance: Amy Benson, Beckie Jordan, Marilyn Richards, Steve Harmon, Amy Harmon, Cheri Goggin,
Pat Goggin, Amy Gutmann, and Sue Sanvido
President’s Report: We have started our New Year off great with our Annual Awards Banquet in which
we had 50 folks attend. We had Guest Speaker Dr. Emily Roach talk to us about the Morris Animal
Foundation 3000 Strong Cancer Study and we also raised a few dollars for our Spirit of Giving WAGS 4
Kids and were able to present them with a check for $600.00.
Treasurer’s Report: Beckie made a motion that we accept the treasurer’s report as given. Sue seconded
this and all were in favor.
Recording Secretary: Marilyn made a motion to accept the January Board Minutes as reported. Beckie
seconded this motion. All were in favor.
2018 Summer Specialty: Royal Canin will be sponsoring one of our days trophies. Sue passed around a
donation sheet. Sue made a motion that this years Raffle proceeds go toward Spirit of Giving. Beckie
seconded this motion and all were in favor. Cheri and Amy will ask Loretta Puet for her help.
2018 Puppy Match: Update on Match Judge: Rochelle Andonian will now be judging our puppy match
this year as Barb McCauley had a conflict. Joe Ott will be taking pictures and Amy & Steve will be doing
hospitality. Please bring a dish to share on May 6 th . Don’t Forget that Barb Vick OUR WHELPER HELPER
will be our Guest Speaker!
GRCA Column: Vonnie would like a younger prospective with writing the GRCA Column. We suggested
that she ask Megan MacIntyre and Megan Sapsford for assistance.
New Business:
We are trying to arrange a heart/eye and Longevity Study Clinic for September 15, 2018. Dr. Hamlin has
already agreed and Dr. Kartley is on board to do the blood draws for the Longevity Study. Keep your
eyes out for more information to come!!!!
CABTC have moved their August and October Agility Trials to a new facility in Niles.
Beckie made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 7:30 and Marilyn seconded. All were in favor.