This page will be for dogs we have lost during 2018.  One picture & something you would like to express how you felt about the dog you have lost and loved. Contact    


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                               LOUIE           3/19/11 — 1/19/18

My Louie…          Did you ever have a dog that seemed to find you at just the right time?    Rescue’s Living the Wonderful Life, Louie, was just that dog for us!   He found us right after my first dog, Zoey had passed away suddenly, and left both Cody and me with an empty place in our hearts.   Cody, my golden boy, was lost without his buddy!  3 weeks later we were “fosters” for this young, golden who’s owner said was “too active” for her. It didn’t help that she kept him in a crate most of the time !  As soon as we laid eyes on him we were in love !  Cody welcomed him into the family and was ready to play !  Louie was an amazing dog who I was blessed with for 5 ½ years !  He became an agilty star, earned his Junior Hunter, and loved every day !  I think his personal goal was to make me smile no matter what !   Louie was diagnosed with intestinal lymphoma in Feb. of 2017.  He had emergency surgery, and started chemo very quickly, as well as many holistic supplements. Luckily we were blessed with over 10 mos. of a happy, energetic dog who could still do all the things he loved: play with Score, swim, hike, wrestle, field train, and run agility !  He still competed in agility in December of 2017!

On January 19, 2018 I had to say goodbye to my sweet Louie. He was 6 years and 10 mos. exactly. He lived a wonderful life,  just way too short !  It’s been so hard to write this tribute. I think it’s because it makes it so real. Score and I still miss him every day !!   I Love you my super man ! You fought a hard battle, it was just too much !!                OWNED AND LOVED BY KATHY KOENIG